Cable Covers

  • €94,95

Pedestrian Cable Covers made from a resistant, yet pliable material, for the safe covering of cables in the workplace. Install Mpm cable covers to avoid trip hazards in work areas with pedestrian movement. Safely cover electrical cables and computer cables with our economical cable covers, designed to guard against trip hazards. 

Easy to install 

Space Saving pliable construction 

3 Channel pedestrian cable covers

10mm + 20mm + 10mm diameter cable channels 

Black and Yellow contrasting finish for added safety awareness

Low profile 25mm

Resilient safety materials from the Mpm range of protection products

Economically Priced from only £9.99 per metre

1m or 3m lengths

Boxed in 8pcs per box

10m continuous lengths also available

 Pedestrian Cable Cover

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