KanBan Shelving

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KanBan Shelving. All steel shelving systems for "first in first out" storage systems. Single or Double Sided KanBan Shelving bays with smooth steel shelves so that stock items can glide down easily on the angled shelf units.

Durable galvanised and fully adjustable steel shelving for KanBan operation picking available as 2000mm high x 1000mm wide units x 600mm deep shelving bays and in a single or double deep storage format.

Each angled and shelf is supplied complete with 5no. divider guides to create pick lanes, and two side sections to fit either end of each shelf level, 15mm upturns on the front shelf edge prevent boxes, containers and other stock from falling off.

Steel wire dividers can be adjusted horizontally on a 50mm pitch to store and organise different product sizes.

Buy as Starter and Extension Bays to create single bay units or longer runs of KanBan Shelving

Supplied with 7 no. angled shelves and one horizontal top shelf on the single sided units and 14 no. angled shelves with two top cover shelves on the double-sided bay option.

  • Angled and Adjustable Shelf levels
  • Galvanised, Quality Steel Boltless Components
  • Can be used with or without picking lane dividers
  • Adaptable modular shelf system, easy to assemble and infinitely expandable
  • GS & RAL tested & approved shelving system
  • 5-year warranty, 10-year availability guarantee
  • Fast and Easy order picking and replenishment
  • Quick stock level verification
If you require other sizes of KanBan Shelving, please contact us directly for full details of other sizes in this storage system.

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