Materials Handling Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment - Pallet Trucks, Pallet Stackers - powered and manual. Warehouse Handling products - Sack Trucks, Workplace Trolleys, Mesh Sided Trolleys, Platform Trucks, Box Trucks, Carts, Aluminium Trolleys, Transport Trolleys, Distribution Trucks, Shelf Trucks, Folding Trolleys, Furniture Movers, Multi-Purpose Trolleys, Container Dollies and Heavy Duty Trolleys. Here you will find a wide selection of premium quality handling products for most applications, all built to last and with 10 -12 year product warranties on a vast majority featured.

Professional mechanical handling equipment for safely and efficiently transporting, bulky and heavy items in the modern workplace.

We are also pleased to be able to offer the Pramac range of quality materials handling products from Italy, and you can now purchase their popular Hand Pallet Trucks and Manually Operated Pallet Stackers within this collection, with other Pramc products arriving to the collection soon.

Please contact us today if you dont see the materials handling product to suit your needs within this collection, as we are confident we can offer another solution to satisfy your transport and handling requirements.