Door Frame Protectors

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Door Frame Protectors

Door Frame Protectors for industrial and commercial premises, warehouses, distribution centres and workplace traffic areas.

Full frame, goal post style door frame protectors to help maintain health and safety in the workplace.

Doorways, vehicle transfer openings, loading bays in warehouses, cold stores, busy distribution centres and many other entrances and exits can often represent problems for commercial operations with busy traffic routes.

Fork lift trucks, powered pallet movers, external delivery trucks and other mobile vehicles are only too often responsible for causing expensive damage to important side walls, expensive door frames and shutter doors and other thoroughfares in busy distribution centres and logistics operations.

At Equiptowork we now offer a cost effective solution for damage prevention to these vital work areas; with door frame protectors, a goal post style design using the latest Reflex technology from Mpm at the core.

Full Door Frame Protectors for industrial doorways and entrances prevent fork lift trucks from travelling with raised masts and help stop other powered warehouse vehicles from damaging property and equipment by acting as a timely protection barrier and safe-guard, to stop a vehicle before damage can occur.

Warehouse Door Frame Protectors Reflex technology for superior impact resistance

Quick and easy to install - no need for specialists

Maintenance Free Operation - fit and forget

Self-standing - goal post format

Stand out Yellow finish for maximum awareness of potential hazards

Chemical, Corrosion and Fire resistant properties

No damage to the fork lift truck and other vehicles

Large baseplates for added stability with heavy duty floor fixings included free of charge.

Two main sizes available as standard

2000mm high x 1000mm wide


3000mm high x 2000mm wide

Mpm Door Frame Protectors for damage prevention to:

Warehouse Doorways

Transfer Aisles

Loading Bays

Docking Areas

Restricted Access throughfares

Commercial Property Entrances and Exits

Parking sections and many other areas.

Custom size door frame protectors may be produced on request

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