New Year, New Start - organising storage of small parts.

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A new year, and a good opportunity for a new start in organising your storage of small parts and essential items. 

Small but essential items, can require specific storage solutions. At there is a range of storage solutions specifically for the organising of small items and loose components. 

Although they can be loose and sometimes fiddly to handle, when not stored in packages or boxes, maintaining, sorting and storing small parts inventories can form the backbone of essential supplies for many firms. Automotive parts stores, engineering workshops, crucial maintenance departments, production plants and even hospitals and food companies all benefit from efficient storage of small parts and items. Storage of vital components such as nuts and bolts will generally require that the appropriate stores have the ability to not only securely store hundreds, if not thousands, of parts, but also make these stored components, quickly and easily available to distribute and crucially supply to staff, operators and customers.

EquiptoWork have an exceptionally good range of storage products for small parts storage purposes, and in keeping with the rest of the available workplace products from EquiptoWork, they are storage products of above average quality, built to last and intended for the demands of professional environments.

The following are just two types of examples, that are the solid choice of "go to storage products" for organising and storing small, loose, and fiddly components.

Open-topped plastic parts binsare always a popular item, easy to access boxes, that are great for moving around and identifying. Once you have used the quality Rasterplan parts bins range available on this site, you will not want to settle for any lesser quality storage bins again. Shatterproof plastic parts bins, with solid side walls designed for holding maximum loads in each bin, in the short term and for years to come. Use them anywhere: on their own, stacked on top of each other, stored on parts bin rails, mounted on walls, stored on purpose-built parts bin storage panels, on parts bin trolleys, bin racks and parts storage cupboards, the range of areas where a good quality parts bin is needed can be numerous.

Parts bins come in an outstanding choice of eight different sizes; from the ultra-compact 85mm deep x 105mm wide x 45mm high size box to the 500mm deep x 300mm wide larger parts bins, plus there are six different colour options in the Rasterplan bins range to give you plenty of options for organising small parts inventories.

Plastic Storage Bins 

Environmentally friendly Shelf Trays: are another big seller, these versatile flat-topped trays are, as the name implies, storage trays primarily designed to be used to store and partition, parts and components that are then stored on contemporary shelving systems. Built to be used time and time again, these storage trays are made in popular metric sizes to slot straight into most modern shelving formats, and storage cabinets.

Like the semi-open fronted parts bins, described above, they are fully recyclable and constructed from a hard wearing, polypropylene, with high impact resistance.

A simple but very effective design provides maximum storage density and a shelving bin that is easy to grip and therefore locate on each shelf level. Preformed slots in the trays allow for each shelf bin to be divided up into smaller compartments for effective storage of different products lines and components. Clear dividers accessories and plain labels are available to make this task easier for the busy parts departments of global industry.

300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm long shelf bins provide a precise fit onto modern shelf system designs. Heights of 95mm and 150mm can enable effective use of storage space between each storage shelf, and four choices of storage bin width help make maximum use of available shelf widths.

Shelf trays can be purchased here in individual pack quantities on their own or supplied as complete bays with the award-winning MultiPlus shelving system seen elsewhere on these pages, 

Shelf Bins

Featured parts bins and shelving trays are all manufactured in Europe for superior service, quality and consistency and the often important ability to have storage bins rapidly delivered to your premises.

ESD versions of both the semi-open fronted bins and the level topped shelf trays are also available, to increase the versatility of the product range, and so that the parts bins can be used in work areas such as IT equipment assembly and other electro-sensitive production sectors.

So if storing small parts and materials is a vital element of your business, then please subscribe, as we will be featuring more small parts storage solutions (and larger ones ! ) on this blog in the near future. 

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