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2021 Arrived without the normal anticipation of a New Year, holding new promise new plans, and new ventures for business. Instead the ongoing concerns over Covid 19 appear to have been increased by the problems of coping with a new set of issues as a result of the long drawn out Brexit process, that now appears to taking a grip as the 31st of December came and went.

As a business that sources many supplies from Europe, the Brexit effect is having some impact on availability of products and prices on materials, along with extra administration costs. However in most cases we have avoided or kept to a minimum any price increases and intend to maintain that stance wherever possible.                                                                                                        Changes to shipping and other associated necessities will be implemented to maintain product quality sourcing and supplies. You may see some products have increased in price and some have reduced, but something that will not be changing, is the quality of product on offer. 

At Equiptowork you can still choose from an excellent range of Workbenches, guaranteed and approved Pallet Racking and Shelving, premium brand Tool Storage and Workshop equipment plus of course the exceptional and innovative range of safety and protection products from MPM.

We look forward to continuing our supply of quality workplace products to both new and existing customers in 2021, and please don't forget, if you have any questions regarding our products, long term projects, shipping or any other service related items, do not hesitate to contact us through the normal channels available on the Equiptowork website.




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