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At EquiptoWork we have a wide range of Workbench Accessories to compliment our quality workbench products.

Popular accessories for our industrial workbench range include: Adjustable Shelves, Clear Protective Worktop Covers, Tool Holder Panels, Workbench Vices and Parts Bin Racks.

A range of compatible workbench accessories that can be factory fitted and supplied with all 40mm worktops that you see elsewhere on our Workbench pages.

Workbench accessories for the 1500mm and 2000mm wide workbenches can also be ordered as complete sets when you purchase a new workbench.

 Workbench accessories are for fitting to 40mm beech or multiplex worktops

  1. Transparent Bench Overlays - clear worktop protectors, splash-proof, resistant to dirt and temperatures up to 80ºC. Choose either 1500mm w x 700mm d and 2000mm w x 700mm d - priced and supplied as a pair.
  2. Worktop Back Stops * 100mm high x 1500 or 2000mm L * back stops are only available to order fitted with a new workbench
  3. Workbench Upper Shelf 375mm h x 300mm d x 1500 or 2000mm L (mounts to worktop surface)
  4. Tilting Adjustable steel shelf 1500mm or 2000mm long x 300mm d, with tilt angle from 0-30º
  5. Perforated Back Panels for Tool Holder Sets 1500 or 2000mm L x 450mm high- finished in Blue RAL5012 as standard - other colours are also available.
  6. Card and Board Storage Shelf - ideal when a bench is used for a packing bench or assembly bench, 25mm light grey melamine top, 600mm deep, adjusts up and down on mounting posts. 30kg load capability complete with 3 high 3 low steel dividers.
  7. Adjustable Horizontal Shelves - 300mm deep steel base with light grey 22mm melamine tops and 30kg load capacity.
  8. Parts Bin Rails - separate steel rail for hanging 45 & 75mm high parts bins, bin rails 1500 or 2000mm long and can be adjusted on the posts and sited front or back
  9. Mounting Posts * - 900mm high - extruded aluminium posts with 4 way positioning and unrestricted adjustment for attaching accessories - supplied as a pair and complete with mounting kit for fitting to worktop. Required for accessories no:s 5-8.
  10. Worktop Accessory Set - for 1500mm wide or 2000mm wide workbenches, includes: 1 x tilting, adjustable steel shelf-blue, 1 x 300mm d horizontal shelf with 22mm light grey melamine top,1 pair of aluminium mounting posts 900mm high, 1 x 1500/2000 w x 450 h blue perforated back panel for tool storage accessories. tool holders & plastic bins  are not included                                                                                                          

 * Mounting Posts (1 pair) will be required to use accessories numbered 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as listed above 

We also offer the above workbench accessories in other sizes and variations to suit other workbench widths such as the 750, 1000 and 1250mm wide workbenches. Please also contact us for any details for our other worktop accessories, including Monitor Stands, Keyboard and CPU Drawers, Overhead Lighting Frames, Adjustable Bench Vices, Document Holders and many more.

For tool holder hook sets and accessories ** to use with the perforated panels- please see our Tool Holder Storage Sets on these other site pages.

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