Heavy Duty Safety Barriers

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Introducing the new Link LM safety barriers, the World's only adjustable twin rail safety barrier for heavy duty use. A robust safety barrier using superior Reflex technology for protection against hard, repeated impacts. These highly visible, highly effective safety barriers can be used in a variety of locations thanks to adaptable designs, bespoke lengths and of course the unique adjustable rail positions to customise each safety barrier system to your preferred settings.

Link LM is perfect for continuous safety barrier runs and provides a protective secure traffic barrier when sited in front of vulnerable work areas, power supply units office buildings or easily damaged high risk areas with high value frontage such as glass windows and anywhere a clearly visible and heavy duty safety barrier is needed to protect against traffic and machinery, internally or externally.

Link LM - The safety barriers for big impacts with Reflex Technology.

Twin rail horizontal sections on Link LM barriers can be adjusted to your preferred positions when installed on the vertical support posts.

Corner sections can be added to continuous safety barrier runs and provide return sections. 

Link LM Safety Barriers have a thick construction using high viz yellow RAL1018 dense polymers to provide extra protection from big impacts, provide awareness and help form a visual deterrent.

A double spar adjustable safety barrier system for extra defence against damage from busy workplace traffic movements.

Available in either 500mm high or 800mm high safety barrier versions. 

Link LM safety barriers can be optionally fitted with Removable Foot-Plates to enable access to areas behind the safety barrier that would normally otherwise be blocked by the barrier. Simply remove the relevant section of barrier to gain access and easily replace again precisely in situ, with the Removable Foot Plate Options here

Link LM safety barriers are supplied in 2m long standard section lengths- with two posts, twin rails, plus all necessary fixings and can also be ordered in multiple sections for continuous run lengths.

For triple rail safety barriers and Link barriers other than 2m long sections, and information about the corner sections available, please contact us today for pricing and bespoke barrier details: 0800 689 1264 or outside the UK on +44 1892 256007

All Link Safety Barriers are supplied as a complete kit with twin rail sections and two vertical sections with footplates.

Heavy duty LM safety barriers for external or internal use are supplied with free galvanised M12 fixings.

The only safety barrier with adjustable guard rail positions and maximum impact protection using Reflex technology. Resistance from 17000 to 52,200 load (joules)

All LM heavy duty barrier models are now available with an optional Grey RAL7040 finish if preferred.

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