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Pallet Racking is available at Equiptowork as complete runs of warehouse pallet racking for the safe storage and retrieval of goods stored on pallets. EN15512 approved, industrial pallet racking from Schulte, is the right choice to maintain safe storage standards when using multiple pallet locations.

For optimum health and safety in your warehouse, only use new fully compliant pallet racking systems, proven and tested to the latest standards. 

Schulte pallet racking systems have the up to date EN15512:2020 approval required for safe pallet racking storage; enabling peace of mind and guarantee of quality from a long standing manufacturer, currently celebrating 100 years in business.

We offer safe, secure, pallet racking from Schulte at affordable prices with a 3 year product guarantee plus many other sizes readily available from large factory stocks.

The classic Blue and Orange pallet racking paint finish is supplied as standard on Schulte pallet racking systems.

50mm adjustable beam pitch

Welded beams with 5 hook connectors to increase fitting security, load distribution and safety.

Durable, environmentally friendly, powder coated finish on racking frame posts and beams

Store popular pallet sizes safely and securely.

Buy here as complete sets of 1 Starter Bay + 2 Extension Bays

All you need to start your warehouse storage system is available here in one complete pallet racking kit. 

Pallet Rack Bays: Supplied with all necessary beam safety clips, fixtures and fittings included as standard

Pallet Racking prices shown are for starter and extension bay sets, comprising: 3 bays totalling 8.444m overall length, 4 vertical frames offered with either 6 pairs or 9 pairs of horizontal beams.

Rack system heights from 3m high to 5m high and 1100mm deep standard frames, suitable for storing three Euro pallets on each beam level.

Maximum storage weight per pallet = 860kgs each pallet.

The Extension bays, that can be added to each 3 bay run are 2.786m overall length.

Please contact us for any further product details or if you require a quote for a larger warehouse pallet racking project and information on any other pallet racking sizes not featured here.

In the UK please call 0800 689 1264 or from Europe call +44(0)1892 256007.



Pallet Racking Bay Specifications for featured kits on offer are as follows:

All bays offered are 2700mm wide x 1100mm deep (per bay) and are available in 3 different heights and store pallet weights of up to 860kg each pallet, a total of 2580kg uniformly distributed on each beam level.

Starter Sets comprise of a single sided run of 3 bays in a choice of 3m high, 4m high or 5m high bays, supplied with 4 no.complete frames and the option of either 2 beam/storage levels (12 beams in total per set as shown in the main image example on this page) or as 3 bays with 3 beam/storage levels per bay (18 beams in total per starter set)

3 Bay Run sets are 8.44m long overall

Single Extension bays are 2.78m long overall

Extension Bays (Extn) are single sided add-on bays available to order in addition to the 3 bay starter run sets, in order to create longer runs of pallet racking to suit individual warehouse area's. Extension Bays (Extn) comprise 1 frame set, and can be supplied as either 2 beam/storage level bays (4 beams in total) or with 3 beam/storage levels (6 beams in total) and in the same size heights to match the starter sets listed.

Pallet Racking systems require floor fixing, our Schulte pallet racking systems are supplied complete with suitable M12 floor bolts (1 per frame leg)and footplates included as standard.

For safe working practice, all pallet racking beams require locking pins to be fitted on installation. The correct beam locking clips to insert (2 per beam) are supplied with each order.

Please contact us if you require a pallet racking installation service.

Due to the physical size and weight of the product, pallet racking deliveries will require the recipient to provide either a fork lift truck or suitable labour and/or handling equipment to facilitate unloading.

Please read the important delivery information page on this site for additional shipping details

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