Column Guards- Mini Hug Tower

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Column Guards - The Mini Hug Tower

The Mini Hug Tower is a new, slimmer profile version of the popular Mpm column guards. An economical column guard primarily designed and developed for the protection of warehouse building columns and vertical steel sections such as I-beams and those used in the construction of mezzanine floors.

Mini Hug Tower column guards help protect against structural safety risks imposed by impacts from MHE traffic in the warehouse and commercial properties.

Mini Hug Tower plastic column guards are extremely easy to install with no need for specialist tools or fitters and form an effective, maintenance free, compact column guard.

With the extra hazard awareness from the sunburst yellow finish, Mini Hug Tower warehouse column guards are designed to literally hug the profiles of the column, to provide a close fitting space saving guard without the need for straps, steel plates or floor bolts to install.

1100mm high mini hug tower column guards are available now to suit three different column profiles.

120 x 120mm

150 x 150mm

200 x 200mm

Click here for the larger Hug Tower  column guards, to protect bigger building columns.

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