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Welcome to a world of workplace products, Equip to Work, the new online store showcasing a wide array of storage equipment, materials handling, workshop and facilities products, mostly manufactured in Europe and intended for the worldwide professional market place. 

Equipment to work, equipment to last. 

Within this site, you will find workplace products, plus commercial and industrial equipment for every-body and every business. Products made to a high standard for durability, sustainability and safety. A majority of the items featured are produced by long-standing successful German "mittelstand" companies. There is a straightforward reason for this, we find the production parameters and long term ethics of these companies to be amongst the best in the sector. With their guarantees and backing in place, we know that we can confidently give you; day in, day out, quality products for the workplace.

The methodology behind the "mittelstand" families enables us to provide you with equipment that will stand the test of time, products that are not here today, gone tomorrow. Consistency and long term availability of product are essential benefits from our manufacturers and a business such as ours which has been trading now for over twenty years.

You can rest assured that you will be getting premium products, value for money and better build quality aligned with GS approved TUV tested designs that in many cases have product warranties of ten years or more. The shelving range has, for example, a ten-year availability guarantee.

You may be able to buy cheaper but we doubt you will buy better.

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