Workbench Tool Panels and Storage Wall Rails

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Workbench Tool Panels and Storage Wall Rails. Perforated Tool Panels for the storage of tools and small parts bins in a convenient mini format, that can be placed on Worktops, DeskTops or mounted on walls. Smaller tool board panels for quick access to tools and parts storage bins when working on workbenches, worktables and any other areas where you need your tools ready to hand.

The Rasterplan Work Bench Stand

Now there is a convenient way to use a selection of your tools and small parts, right where you need them: On top of your workbench, desktop or sales counter!

Workbench Tool Panels and Storage Wall Rails to use as a counter top display stand or workbench tools stand. Whether you are working at a desktop, workbench or need tools stored on a shelf, on the floor or on top of a work cabinet, these handy mobile tool storage panels will store tools, parts and accessories so that they can be readily accessed when you need them.

The new double sided Rasterplan work bench stand is the quick and handy storage solution for your workbench. Made to the same tested design and proven build quality as our other full size perforated panels and tool boards.

Portable, metal construction and practical with an integral handle, and double sided - one side louvre panelled for parts bin storage and on the other side the 10mm Rasterplan perforated panel for easy access tool storage.

Each side provides a 450mm high x 350mm wide storage panel area.

Suitable for the wide range of Rasterplan tool holders, tool hooks, parts bins and accessories.

Rasterplan Storage Wall Rails - for parts bins and tool storage

Conveniently sized, handy louvred Wall Rails for storing tools and plastic parts bins. An ideal storage solution for when you need to quickly access and locate a small selection of tools and small parts in your workshop and workplace.

Available to buy in 460mm or 920mm long storage rails either as Rasterplan Tool Boards with perforations for tool holders or as Louvre Panel wall rails to hang your Rasterplan plastic parts bins.

Rasterplan tool board rails are 70mm high. Louvre panel parts bin rails are 100mm and 140mm high respectively.

Louvre Panel Tool Boards in Three colours to choose from: light grey, gentian blue or the popular new anthracite colour - not just blue!

Panels are supplied empty- See our other site pages for Tool Holder sets and Parts Bins to go with these handy Perforated Tool Board Panels. 

All panels are supplied as Gentian Blue RAL5010 as standard, if you need Light Grey or Anthracite just let us know by placing a note in the box with your order at the checkout. There's no extra charge!

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