Winter Grit Bins

  • £ 215.00

Winter Grit Bins. When the winter weather sets in and its time to get those roads, pavements and walkways salted. You will need somewhere to store the grit. Somewhere the grit or even the grit bin itself will not be stolen.

Its time for the Mobile Grit Bin! 

Yes, the winter salt storage solution is here. Winter road salt and grit, can be safely stored in a mobile kart.

Roll it into position when you need to put down grit on icy paths, roll it back to a secure location when you finish and store it.

Now you can buy salt and securely grit the walkways of your premises without the concern that someone has helped themselves to the limited supplies of winter road salt in your grit bin.

A manoeuvrable 75 litre sized kart that stores winter road grit on your premises, and enables fast flexible distribution to areas at risk of icing.

  • Extra tough plastic construction with shatterproof rubber wheels. 
  • Lockable centre catch
  • Rubber seal - prevents ingress of water 
  • Mobile kart reduces wasted grit & misuse
  • Alert yellow finish 
Overall size 590 x 420 x 1080mm (ext dims) 

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