Shelf Bin Accessories

  • £ 30.80 

Shelf Bin Accessories for our premium shelf bins and shelf trays; part of the small parts storage systems range from

Dividers for shelving trays that separate each shelf bin into compartments.

Transparent dividers help highlight low stock levels and organise small parts.

Bin Stops- to help prevent individual shelf trays from pulling forward from the shelves.

Transparent Label Holders - complete with labels for organising your parts bins.

Manufactured from the same recyclable and durable polypropylene as our popular selling shelf bins.

These add-on dividers and accessories simply clip onto the Shelf Bin to create a partition within the shelf tray.

Available in all four widths: 90,120,180 and 240mm plus two heights 95mm H or 150mm H.

Do you need Storage Shelving?

We have a fantastic range of top quality, all steel Shelving Systems the ideal complement to the shelf bin range - just click this link for further details

Complete Shelving and Parts Bin Kits

Perhaps you need one of our full starter Shelving & Parts Bin kits?

Shelving bays sold complete with parts storage bins - ready to use in your parts storage system.

Comprising a quality steel shelving system with a full bay load of industrial shelf bins; available as a single order shelving kit: 2.0m high x 1.0m wide and offered in four different shelving bin depths.

Contact us for further details on this range today and save money on a premium range of workplace products that are built for the rigours of everyday commercial use.

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