Safety Totem - Sanitiser Station

  • £ 117.89

Safety Totem is a new workstation and single dispenser unit for all retail and commercial workplaces to provide a safe and secure way for customers and workplace staff to use and obtain anti-bacterial sanitiser gels, rubber gloves and safety masks.

This slimline central service post can provide essential safety equipment to help protect your clients and personnel from the current problems of viral infections spreading in public and workplace sectors.

The safety totem dispensing station is available in four versions - all supplied in the high awareness yellow colour shown and with provision for relevant safety signage. A safe secure and robust dispenser station using the same flexible polymer construction used throughout all our other mpm protection products. The safety totem has a choice of dispensing accessories so that each sanitiser station can be altered to suit a range of potentially hazardous sites and situations.

The Safety Totem - secure protection provider 

Stand out 1.8m high yellow finish - for added safety awareness, and a visible central location for accessing vital anti-bacterial cleaners, wipes and other protective items.  

Optional-  Gel Holders - Gloves Container - Safety Mask Holder - Waste Bin -

Secure Base Plate 350mm square - 

Slimline profile saves on space -

Provision for Safety Information Signs - 

Economically Priced -

1.8m tall safety post - 

Durable construction withstands accidental impacts -

Easy wipe down, anti scratch finish - ideal for hygienic cleaning -

Dispenses vital items to use in the fight against coronavirus.

Four Versions available to buy today with free mainland shipping

Model 1) Safety Totem + Information Sign Holder only

Model 2) Safety Totem + Information Sign Holder + Gel Holder 

Model 3) Safety Totem + Information Sign Holder + Gel Holder + Mask Holder + Gloves Holder 

Model 4) Safety Totem + Information Sign Holder + Gel Holder + Mask Holder + Gloves Holder + Waste Bin

We can supply Safety Totems with your own personalised safety information - a minimum order of 10 pieces applies - please contact us for further details if required 

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