Racking Protection Barriers

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Racking Protection Barriers. Outstanding racking protection barriers to guard the exposed ends of pallet racking systems in standard and heavy duty versions. An extra tough polymer rack end protection barrier using a single rail tubular construction to prevent damage to costly pallet racking and storage systems.

The Fence 90 and Fence 150 racking protection barriers are easy to install and readily available in popular 1100mm and 2400mm lengths to suit modern pallet racking designs and sizes.

Fence 90 and Fence 150 Warehouse Racking Protection Barriers are economically priced, cost effective, highly visible warehouse safety barriers, easy to wipe down, extra resilient and unlike metal barriers they can reform after an impact and do not corrode.

Racking protection barriers like the 350mm high FE90 model are used to protect from light loads such manually operated - hand pallet trucks and warehouse trolleys or the 550mm high FE150 racking protection  barrier which is more suited for protection against heavier loads and powered fork lift trucks in a typical busy warehouse.

Either size racking protection barrier is available in 1100mm lengths for single depth racking ends or for double sided back to back runs in the longer 2400mm long version.

Fence 90 and Fence 150 racking protection barriers are versatile enough to also be used as safety barriers for exposed plant and machinery and other protection uses in warehousing and industrial sectors. 

FE90 - racking protection barriers for light to medium traffic: 1100mm wide x 350mm high or 2400mm wide x 350mm high - to protect against damage from manual handling equipment and hand pallet trucks

FE150 - heavy duty racking protection barriers for heavier, busy warehouse traffic: 1100mm wide x 550mm high or 2400mm wide x 550mm high - high impact protection against fork lift trucks and heavier materials handling equipment.

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Competitively priced, super safe, flexible, single rail racking protection barriers all from the same range of mpm Warehouse Protection Products, top selling safety barriers with Reflex Technology from Equiptowork. 

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