Protection Screens

  • £ 179.99

Equiptowork have a range of cost effective Protection Screens to help customers, staff members and key personnel go about their daily work tasks with hygienic protection in place to help reduce the high transmission risk associated with   contagious pathogens.

Our Workplace Protection Screens are a useful solution to reducing cross-contamination from an airborne virus, as well as forming a social distancing reminder and non-restrictive workplace barrier.

The protection screens at Equiptowork require no permanent installation and are therefore portable and offer a flexible solution to where the protection screens can be used and placed.

Protection screens are easily adapted to your workplace requirements as they are supplied as hygienic single starter unit screens or as easily added extension screens, to quickly form an anti-virus screen of infinite length and configuration.

Viral protection screens are easy to assemble in seconds with foldable clear plastic screens on metal cross- bearers, each of the starter units have two x 2.0 meter high steel support stands in a choice of Light Grey, Red, Blue or Black.

Anti virus protective screens are 1.5m high x 1.0m wide and can be re-positioned up and down the height of the 2.0m support posts.

Add-on sections to extend the Protective screens to form a longer protective wall are also easily assembled and added, enabling any 1.0m wide protection screen to be widened by another 1.0m wide section and continuously expanded to form a long protective screen wall against the transmission of pathogens.

Hygienic 2m high starter and extension modules

500mm long support feet

2mm flexible plastic screens 1.5m x  1.0m

Easy wipe down to clean

Easy assembly in 3 easy steps

Handy Carton Packs for Quick Shipping to your place of work.

Hygienic Protection Screens are available now to use in: all supermarkets, schools, museums, hospitals, offices, sales rooms, assembly workplaces, waiting rooms and all other environments in need of additional health protection and security.

UK Delivered Only £175 + tax

If you need a smaller counter top protective screen for shops or desk top screen for your office please follow this link for our toughened Safety Glass Screen in smaller worktop sizes, suitable to also use for sneeze guards against airborne germ transmissions.

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