Pallet Racking Protection

  • £ 38.00

Pallet Racking Protection. Steel Column Guards -  Corner Protectors - Upright Guards - Frame Guards -Pallet Racking Accessories to save pallet rack components from damage.

Protect vital equipment in your warehouse and stores pallet racking is expensive, so it pays to guard against racking damage with our range of steel column guards and rack protection products, built to safeguard valuable pallet racking systems.

These are top quality, heavy duty, 6mm thick, steel column guards designed to protect vulnerable pallet racking sections and areas against impact damage from forklifts and mechanical handling equipment.

Steel corner guards protect exposed corners and other vulnerable sections on pallet racking systems, steel column guards protect the lower legs of pallet rack frames from expensive damage and time-consuming replacement.

Supplied in a stand out Yellow/Black finish

6mm thick steel - supplied complete with free floor fixings

L- shaped guards for corners and rack ends

U-shaped guards for individual frame upright protection

Save money on expensive rack repairs protect your pallet racking system now before its too late.

Prices featured are for single units delivered, please contact us for special pricing discounts on quantity requirements. You will get the maximum discount when fitting out a complete warehouse rack system. 


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