Multi Trolley

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Multi-Trolley. A new product, a new concept, and a brilliant way to save time and effort in moving furniture and other awkward shaped or sizes items.

Multi Trolley as the name implies can be used to solve a multitude of tasks in all kinds of environments. 

Moving furniture in the office 

Shifting desks in schools and universities

Making light work of removals 

Taking boards, pipes, doors from place to place 

And all this can be done by just one person - saving countless hours as well as the cost of moving workplace items.

Truly versatile materials handling, a product that can benefit any workplace by carrying out more than one task whenever you need to.

Move furniture as easy as 1-2-3: Mount it! Tilt it! Roll It! ...You're done

Supplied in easy to assemble kit form for ease of transport 

Overall Dimensions standard model: 780mm L 420mm W adjustable posts 760mm H fixed posts 420mm

Weighs 12kg

Maximum carrying capacity 250kg 

Two model options: Standard or Worker (larger version with additional posts)




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