Mini Box- small parts storage

  • £ 80.00

Mini Box is the ideal small parts storage solution for Workshop Drawer Systems. Industrial grade small parts storage boxes to fit inside drawer cabinets, to store and organise essential components and stock products in drawers

Small parts storage boxes for neatly creating individual parts compartments, within cabinet drawers and effectively, organising and dividing workshop cabinet drawers.

A durable polystyrene construction suitable for daily workshop use, Mini Box is available in two sizes and two different heights: 

153mm x 111mm  x 52mm high box size or 170mm x 137mm x 65mm high box sizes. 

Either of the Mini Box sizes are available as single compartment boxes, or sub-divided versions in 2 or 4 compartments. Mini Box inserts neatly into any workshop drawer storage system, to create a versatile storage method for small but vital parts and components. 

Mini Box will enhance the storage density that can be achieved when using our Workshop Drawer Systems available via this page link.

Standard Blue finish - Recyclable - Food Safe - UV Stable - Antistatic- 5 year guarantee - high and low temperature resistance

Available Sizes to order:  USN = 52mm high profile boxes

or the taller USG = 65mm high profile boxes 

Either size is suitable for cabinet drawers of 60mm or higher and of course MiniBox can also be used without drawers, on their own as a small parts storage solution.

USN - 153mm x 111mm x 52mm high box

USN 4 - single compartment storage box

USN 8 - 2 compartment storage box

USN 16 - 4 compartment storage box 


USG - 170mm x 137mm x 65mm high box

USG 4 - single compartment storage box

USG 8 - 2 compartment storage box

USG 16 - 4 compartment storage box 

All Mini Boxes are priced and supplied in economical boxed quantities of 50no. pcs.

EquiptoWork provides quality drawer storage solutions for Museum Archives, Motor-Sports, Engineering, Scientific, Mechanical, Electrical, Production and Assembly work.

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