Storage Boxes - Large- 800mm x 600mm

  • £ 511.68

Large Storage Boxes. Euro containers sized 800mm x 600mm for larger storage and shipping requirements. Standardised containers for Euro Pallets and large storage box requirements. Sharing the same dimensional stability and industrial grade quality as our  600 x 400mm containers, these large euro containers are for bigger volume needs in distribution centres and warehouse production lines.

Big plastic storage containers suitable for industrial use; warehouses, stores, archives and anywhere a large storage box is required for daily storage and transportation use.

Please note prices are pack quantity prices * - and not individual prices.

* for any other quantities, from single boxes to bulk orders, please contact us directly so we can quote you the most competitive rates accordingly.

Industrial Storage Boxes size 800mm x 600mm in two different heights 220mm or 320mm and sold in two different colours: Grey or Blue.

Euro containers are resistant to commonly used acids and lyes, and are made from durable, recyclable virgin plastic with reinforced sidewalls for long-lasting use and damage resistance when stacked.

Recessed sidewall grips for easy manual lifting 

Containers have edge protection around the base to aid with box stacking.

Save Money - Buy Super Sized Euro Containers in Packs

Super Size No.1:  Pallet Pack of 12 boxes size 220mm high x 800mm wide x 600mm deep for only £511.68 + vat

Super Size No. 2: Pallet Pack of 10 boxes size 320mm high  x 800mm wide x 600mm deep for only £510.00 + vat


Supplied in Grey or Blue only.

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