Storage Boxes - Large- 800mm x 600mm

  • £ 38.98

Large Storage Boxes. Euro container boxes sized 800mm x 600mm for larger storage and shipping requirements. Standardised containers for Euro Pallets and large storage box requirements. Sharing the same dimensional stability and industrial grade quality as our  600 x 400mm Euro boxes and containers, these large storage boxes are for the bigger volume needs, such as those used in distribution centres and warehouse production lines.

Big plastic storage containers suitable for industrial use; warehouses, stores, archives and anywhere a large storage box is required for daily storage and transportation use.

Industrial Storage Boxes size 800mm x 600mm in two different heights 220mm or 320mm and sold in two different colours: Grey or Blue.

Euro containers are resistant to commonly used acids and lyes, and are made from durable, recyclable virgin plastic with reinforced sidewalls for long-lasting use and damage resistance when stacked.

Recessed sidewall grips for easy manual lifting 

Containers have edge protection around the base to aid with box stacking.

Save Money - Buy Large Euro Containers in Packs- contact us for information

 Choose from Two Large Storage Box Sizes :

220mm high x 800mm wide x 600mm deep

320mm high  x 800mm wide x 600mm deep

Supplied in Grey or Blue only - Standard Euro Box size format

Other Euro Box sizes are also available

* please be advised that for small UK orders and/or parcel deliveries, the carrier may charge a customs fee for UK import delivery on these items.

Supplied item may vary slightly from product pictured.

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