Euro Boxes 600mm x 400mm

  • £ 11.49

Euro Containers - Euro Boxes, Transport and Storage Containers in standard Euro size 600mm x 400mm

Industrial grade plastic boxes available in the popular euro standard of 600mm long x 400mm wide and in six different heights : 120,180,220,270,320 and 420mm high options.

Euro box sizes optimised for the logistics industry, and to fit a normal euro pallet for ease of transport and to maximise storage.  

Made from durable polypropylene, resistant to commonly used acids and dyes, dimensionally stable with reinforced side walls for long lasting use and resistance to crushing when stacked.

Recessed grips for easier handling on most models

Stacking containers and also ideal for use on shelving and racking systems

Open top design with optional lids, easy to clean, smooth side walls

Edge protection around the base that also helps with stacking.

600mm wide x 400mm deep standard euro box size 

in six different heights to suit most applications 

Available in three different colours Red, Grey or Blue  

Food safe & suitable for conveyors and other forms of mechanical handling

Environmentally friendly product that is fully recyclable

Please see our other pages for 400 x 300mm and 800 x 600mm storage box options, and transport dollies suitable for the popular 600x400mm euro container size. 

Top quality plastic storage crates and containers at competitive prices 

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