About Us

Welcome to Equip To Work, the  online store to equip your workplace with an array of premium quality workplace products: workshop equipment, warehouse supplies, materials handling, storage and facilities equipment for the demanding needs of the professional workplace.

Within this site you will find workplace products for every-body and every business. Products made for the high standard required in todays demanding industries. Products designed for maximum durability, functionality and safety.

A large majority of the items available on this site are from long standing and successful manufacturing sectors that have been carefully selected for their quality guarantees and proven engineering know how. Workplace products that we can confidently supply to you, safe in the knowledge that our premium work products can be used day in day out, year in year out, with a long service life.

Regulated production techniques using quality materials enable us to provide you with workplace equipment that will stand the test of time, products that are not here today, gone tomorrow. Durability, consistency control and availability of the product are essential benefits that can only be provided from manufacturers with years of experience and proven methods of working .

You can rest assured that you will be getting maximum value for money from long lasting premium products, with better build quality and in some cases product warranties of ten years or more. The shelving range has for example, a ten year availability guarantee, so that the equipment you buy today will still have parts available for you in the future.

You may be able to buy cheaper but we doubt you will buy better.

  • An online one stop shop for your quality proven workplace products. 
  • Workshop Equipment, Materials Handling, Storage Solutions.
  • Covering essential workplace products for schools, colleges, universities, goverment organisations, manufacturers, offices, hospitals, military establishments and warehouses across Britain and Europe.
  • Over 22 years experience in supplying carefully chosen, safe, long lasting quality storage products and more.
  •  The e-commerce store for professionals, where you can find the best industrial storage and workshop products to suit all your workplace needs.
  • Premium brand manufacturers for peace of mind and guaranteed quality assurance.
  • Most products are GS approved, TUV tested and meet EN control standards.
  • We deliver across the UK and Europe, and can arrange export to other countries as well.

Equip to work: creating order, making space, wherever you need to equip your workplace.