Tilt Bins

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New clear view Tilt Bins are here!

Tilt Bins with a totally transparent clear view design to enable quick and accurate visual checks on stocks of parts, components and ingredients.

Clear view Tilt Bins are scratch resistant, food safe and inter-stackable for easy modular expansion with any Tilt BIn size or format.

Tilt Bins are a rapid, high effeciency method to store small components, just tip forward for access and retrieval, each tipping box can also be removed individually if required.

Separate labels are available for each of the dedicated label sections that are a feature of each Tilt Bin.

Inter-stackable in multiple configurations: easily build storage walls, or use with dedicated Tilt Bin Trolleys and container storage racks.

Each of the Six tipping bin modules is 600mm long, containing a different selection of tilt bin container formats in each unit, ranging from 2 to 9 tilt bins each.

No.of Tilt Bin containers per 600mm L Unit
Size: Depth x Height
9 bin
620 x 770mm
6 bin
910 x 113mm
5 bin
133 x 164mm
4 bin
168 x 207mm
3 bin
197 x 240mm
2 bin
299 x 353mm

 Readily available, economically priced, clear view, Tilt Bins.

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