Mobile Sanitiser Station

  • €1.162,95

A mobile workstation incorporating a hygienic hand gel dispenser and paper towel dispenser unit for use during current workplace situations where the need for a mobile sanitiser can be crucial. 

Mobile sanitiser workstations can be used in any work place from factories to retail shops, and from schools to hospitals as an effective and rapidly portable unit for providing on the spot hand disinfecting.

Our mobile sanitisers feature perforated storage panels that not only hold the towel and hand gel dispensers, but are also be fitted with a coated shelf plus base level for taking disinfectants, cleaners and hygiene essentials such as sneeze guards for example, to all area's of the workplace and retail environment.

The included perforated steel storage panels are also designed to accept a wide range of useful accessories to go with each Mobile Sanitiser Workstation - roll dispensers, waste bags, disposable glove holders, extra shelves plus hooks and holders to hang other tools and accessories that may be needed as part of the clean up process. All of which can be easily retro-fitted if necessary.

Versatile Workstations for rapid cleaning and wipe down of essential workplace areas are available to buy now.

Sanitiser Workstations include as standard:

Modular metal components - easily adapt your Workstation for future work needs and additional clean up tasks.

Modular components can be simply un-hooked for easy wipe down and cleaning after use. Parts resistant to most commonly used cleaning chemicals and solvents.

Hygiene and Sanitiser Stations with quality steel construction 

1 x Storage shelf with protective coating 

1 x Touch Free Hand-gel dispenser

1 x Drip Tray

1 x Folded paper towel dispenser

2 x Push-pull handles 

3 x 302mm high perforated storage panels - can store items either side 

1 x Steel storage base for heavier items up to 50Kg max.

4 x Quality braked wheels/castors with non-marking tyres.

Please contact us today for any further details on the full range of Sanitiser Workstations and Hygienic Storage Modules.

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