Tilt Bins on Mobile Storage Racks

  • €692,95

Mobile Storage Racks complete with Tilt Bin storage boxes. The clear view tilting bins for storing parts and loose components are available here in a selection of four different, double sided mobile units with varied tilt bin sizes to store small parts, powders, food ingredients and more.

Bins provide a versatile parts storage system to organise vital supplies and components in the workplace.

Simply pull a clear view bin forward to access stored items, individual tilting bins can also be removed. Clear view fronted bins enable quick visual checks on stock levels of small parts and components, food ingredients and more.

Tilt Bins come with a tough, impact-resistant body made from non-toxic plastic. Ergonomic hand grips on each storage bin with label holders are provided as standard.

Mobile Tilt Bin racks for greater storage flexibilty and access

Supplied in a standard Beige finish

Tilt Bin Trolleys are available to order as the following four mobile models:

STM 70 - complete with 70 tilt bins

STM 106 - complete with 106 tilt bins

STM 84 - complete with 84 tilt bins

STM 52 - complete with 52 tilt bins

Tilt Bin Units, Tilt Bins on Storage Racks and Tilt Bins in Cabinets are also available.

For other types of small parts Storage Bins for industrial use Click Here 

Please note, for reasons beyond our control, we are temporarily unable to supply these particular items to the UK or Ireland. However, we do have a new alternative range of Tilt Bins availlable, please follow this link for details.

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