Tilt Bins

  • £ 31.00

Tilt Bins. The clear view tilting bins for storing parts and loose components.

Premium quality tilting storage bins for industrial and commercial markets can be mounted on walls, stacked as individual rails, freestanding units or complete units as mobile parts pickers. A very versatile system to organise parts and components in the workplace.

Flip bin forward to access stored items, complete tilting bins can also be removed.

Clear view fronts to check stock levels

Tough, impact-resistant body made from non-toxic ABS, that is also suitable for food ingredient storage.

Freestanding units or double-sided Mobile Trolley units

All modules 600mm long 

2 compartment bin 246 d x 354 h

3 compartment bin 163 d x 243 h

4 compartment bin 137 d x 208 h

5 compartment bin 110 d x 160 h

6 compartment bin 75 d x 110 h

9 compartment bin 51 d x 75 h 

Mobile Trolley - double sided with 70 bins (size 5 compartments)

Mobile Trolley - double sided with 52 bins (mixed size compartments)

We have two other double-sided Mobile Trolley sets with either 106 bins or 84 bins, just contact us for details.

Standard colour supplied will be Light Grey unless otherwise indicated 

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