Storage Cupboards

  • £ 388.00

Storage Cupboards. A range of excellent quality steel storage cupboards, designed for years of long lasting usage in the Workshop, Office, Stores, or Warehouse. Full-sized storage cupboards, extra wide storage cupboards and smaller compact sized cupboards and cabinets. Complete with premium hinged doors and steel shelves.

Hard wearing storage cupboards constructed for commercial and industrial use, supplied with powder coated blue doors in RAL 5012 with light grey bodies RAL7035, or completely in light grey finish RAL7035. Made in Germany to the same high standard as our professional drawer cabinet and tool storage range, shown elsewhere on 

Steel storage Cupboards for demanding environments, the robust build provides thicker steel doors that will not flex like a budget model cupboard and heavier spec. shelves that can cope with loads up to 80 kg. Suitable for industrial and workshop use, these units make a good choice for all-round storage use in the office and other commercial environments, where a superior quality cupboard is preferred.

Steel Cabinets with hinged doors for all-round storage solutions.

Supplied complete with zinc galvanised shelves that have an 80kg storage load per shelf. 

Available in three model options.

Full-Size Cupboard - complete with 4 shelves, hinged double doors. Overall size 1950mm high x 930mm wide x 500mm deep 

Extra Wide Cupboard - complete with 4 shelves, hinged double doors. Overall size 1950mm high x 1200mm wide x 500mm deep.

Compact Cabinet * - single door, complete with 1 drawer plus 2 shelves and steel retaining edges on the cabinet top, 1000mm high x 500mm wide x 500mm deep.

The Compact Cabinet * can also be transformed into a fully mobile unit with the addition of the factory fitted rolling chassis with 4 no. 125mm Ø castors or a Foreman's worktable with integral sloping top, as shown in the featured images.

Quality steel storage equipment from 

Free shipping on full size and extra wide cupboards.

Please note that deliveries are to a ground floor, kerbside location only and may require the use of lifting equipment or customer provided labour to unload.


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