Shelving with Shelf Trays

  • £ 830.60

Shelving with storage trays - Now you can buy industrial grade, all steel shelving bays and premium quality shelving containers as one ready to use package. Small parts shelf trays and shelving designed to give maximum storage density on each shelving bay. 

Thanks to the unique low profile 25mm shelf edges,150kg long term shelf load capability and 2.4-ton bay loads, each size shelving bay can hold 15 shelf-storage levels and bins from 75 to 150 no. in quantity.

Small parts shelving sets that give you a complete ready to use storage system.

Optimal shelf storage for small parts and products

High-quality storage bins and approved steel shelving ensure rigorous daily use for years to come. 

Choice of three different systems all with 16 shelves and 2m high x 400mm deep and 1m wide 

75 bin units with 75 no. shelf trays 83mm high x 186mm wide

110 bin units with 70 no. shelf trays 83mm high x 93mm wide and 40 no. shelf trays 83mm high x 186mm wide 

150 bin units with 150 no. shelf trays 83mm high x 93mm wide 

All of the three combination kits above are available with a choice of either 300mm, 400, 500 or the new 600mm deep shelf bins and shelf systems

GS and RAL approved shelving with a five-year guarantee.

 Bins supplied in red or blue or combinations of the two.

Need more bays - all these units can be extended to form continuous runs with add on extension bays - contact us for details 


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