Industrial Mats for the Workplace

Ergonomically designed and approved Workplace Mats, Anti-fatique Mats, and Workshop Mats.

Top quality industrial matting for the workplace; a range of polyurethane and nitrile rubber, long lasting mats for all workplaces. 

Workshops, factory assembly areas, labs, schools, machine rooms, sales counters and anywhere you stand to work. The shock absorbing and massage effects of these mats, help make the working day more comfortable and long term, these mats reduce fatique and help you concentrate on the job in hand. An ideal compliment to our range of workbenches and drawer cabinets, or for any other standing area in your workplace.

Bubble mats, Chequer plate mats, ESD mats, heat resistant and wet area industrial mats. 

PVC vinyl free materials.

Quality long lasting products with 3- 5 years guarantee on most versions

Integrated bevelled edges

Free delivery on all industrial mat products

Simple choice of Six ergonomical mats in total, manufactured from polyurethane or rubber.

3 different Polyurethane Mats for all workplace applications: 

AIR - Polyurethane bubble mat, with air cushions, anti static properties, thick density outer skin for assembly and packaging areas, sales counters, machine shops, etc. Extra comfortable, ergonomic mat. Suitable for wet & dry areas, and ESD areas. 14mm thick. 5yrs warranty. 60 x 90 cm.

SOFT FLEXPolyurethane, bubble mat surface, soft flex bubble mats help massage legs to stimulate blood flow, also helps insulate against cold floors. Ideal in packaging areas, sales counters, machine shops, assembly rooms etc.  Flexible, slip proof , skid resistant mat. Suitable for wet & dry areas, and has some ESD properties. 14mm thick. 3yrs warranty. 60 x 90 cm.

SOFT FIT - Chequer plate style mat, ergonomic polyurethane construction, easy to clean, suitable for light usage trucks & trolleys to drive over, dry and wet area usage, slip proof base, industrial application mat with ESD properties. Recommended for workshops, workbenches and where light usage of trucks and trolleys is required. 12mm thick. 3yrs warranty. 60 x 90 cm.


3 different Rubber Mats for all workplace areas including heavy duty applications:

COMFORT - KL - nitrile rubber, bubble pattern mat, durable workstation mat with cork granule effect, all day comfort with air pockets underside. A workplace mat particularly suited for industrial workstation areas, engineering workshops, CNC machine areas, with its resistance to oils, cooling fluids, and low abrasion properties, plus drainage perforations and cork granule material help to reduce slip hazards. The industrial all-rounder with built in comfort.14mm thick. 5yrs warranty. 60 x 90 cm. This model is also available here in the same size as the COMFORT Sg with a contrasting yellow bevelled edge and heat resistance up to 120ºc.

WET DE LUXEnitrile rubber mat with large drainage perforations, ideal for areas where there are a lot of fluids. Heavy duty workplace mat with resistance to oil and grease, and suitable for some cooling fluids. Anti slip properties. Suitable for wet industrial areas and food areas etc.1mm thick. 2yrs warranty. 150 x 90 cm. Red colour finish.

COMBI - Eco Single - our lowest price natural rubber mat, with flexible bubble surface structure, for general standing, walking and turning, in packing rooms, storage rooms and workstations. Ca. 14mm thick. 2yrs warranty. 60 x 90 cm single mat size.

Prices include free delivery to England and Wales plus Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, and Denmark.

Warranty is based on material and workmanship when used correctly, it excludes fair wear and tear.  

Please contact us if you need any further details about this high quality range of industrial workplace mats. 

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