Tool Holder - Sets

Introducing the innovative ABAX Tool Holders.

Sets of tool hooks and accessories for the Rasterplan perforated panel system, tool cabinets, mobiles, tool towers and storage walls.

The unique ABAX fixing joint enables quick and easy no fuss positioning and locking of tools on the panel, plus removes the need for any additional fixings and provides rapid tool free assembly and removal. 

Innovative ABAX connectors allow you to fix or reposition Tool Holders and accessories on the panels in seconds.

Tool storage for spanners, wrenches, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, allen keys and more.

Each kit has a selection of ABAX hooks and tool holders to store multiple tool sets on the Rasterplan Tool Boards. Fast access to tools, optimum organisation of tools and the added benefit of being able to identify when any tools are missing. 

Tool holders are constructed from an incredibly long lasting multi layered coating in either Aluminium and now Anthracite finishes to give any workplace an up to date image, and importantly, premium build quality built to last the rigours of daily use.

 Rasterplan and ABAX are GS certified systems

Fast delivery available in 5-7 days 

Sets available in the following component quantities:

10,12,15,17,18,20,21,25,28,35,40,42 piece sets -(images show aluminium finished sets) 

Click here for Perfo Panels and Tool Boards to use with these Tool Holder Sets


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