Storage Boxes - Large- 800mm x 600mm

  • £ 498.00

Large Storage Boxes. Euro box containers sized 800 x 600mm for larger storage and shipping requirements. A large Euro standard box that's bigger than our popular 600 x 400mm plastic container but shares the same dimensional stability due to its premium construction quality and design.

Plastic storage containers suitable for industrial use; warehouses, stores, archives and anywhere a top grade plastic box is required for daily storage and transportation use.

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* for any other quantities, from single boxes to bulk orders, please contact us so we can quote you the best rates accordingly.

These open topped Industrial grade plastic boxes are a big capacity 800 x 600mm size to sit alongside the best selling 600mm x 400mm range available elsewhere on this site.

Big Boxes 800mm x 600mm in two different heights 220mm or 320mm and two different colours: Grey or Blue, and featuring the same benefits of the smaller containers in this range

Euro boxes optimised for the logistics industry. Also designed to stack on normal euro pallets for maximum storage and movement of goods.

Made from fully recyclable polypropylene, resistant to commonly used acids and lyes, durable plastic containers with reinforced sidewalls for long-lasting use and damage resistance when stacked.

Recessed sidewall grips for easy manual lifting 

Containers have edge protection around the base that also helps with stacking.

Buy Big Euro Containers in Packs of 12 * for the 220 h x 800 x 600mm sizes

and Packs of 10 * for the 320 h  x 800 x 600mm sizes

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Euro Box Accessories 

We also offer a range of lids to complement the other plastic box sizes in this range.

Black Box Lids to fit open boxes in 300 x 400mm and 400 x 600mm sizes

Grey Box Lids to fit mm sizes 200 x 300, 300x 400, 400 x 600mm, and as shown on this page, the 800x 600mm box size.

Hinged Lids in black or grey are also available for some of the box sizes featured, please contact us for further details of these and their sizes.

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