Drawer Cabinets

In this collection of drawer cabinets you will find a selection from just some of the fantastic range of premium grade steel drawer cabinets from Equipto work.

Drawer Cabinets, accessories and optional extras with a top class build quality for daily professional and industrial use. Steel drawer cabinets solve many storage solutions in multiple sectors: engineering, workshops, science labs, military establishments, motorsports and automotive sectors, educational departments, hospitals, museums, tool storage areas, archive stores and many other workplaces. 

Featured tool storage cabinets have the added benefit of being GS safety tested & TUV certified.

Steel Drawer Cabinet features include: 

Multiple drawer combinations and colours to suit your workplace needs

Solid, seam welded housings with hard wearing powder coat finish - built to last 

Tool servers with a choice of Lock mechanisms.

100% Drawer extension pull out.

Large drawer and cabinet load capacities, cabinets that can hold up to 1500kgs.

An environmentally friendly, durable paint finish including on the drawer internals.

Soft close option on 75-100mm high storage drawers. 

Mobile storage cabinets, drawer cabinets with workbenches, and drawer cabinets complete with tool sets - are also available.

We have many sizes and combinations plus eleven other standard RAL colours available at no extra charge. So if you don't happen to see what you need, please contact us for further details on this superb range of workplace storage cabinets, as a we are confident we will have the right drawer cabinet for your needs. 

Equiptowork - bringing order to the workplace while saving you space.